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With over nine million people, Seoul is a bustling metropolis with a lot to offer its visitors. It’s history dates back thousands of years, and today you can see the marks that different periods of Korea’s history has had on the city. You can go back in time, wearing the traditional Korean clothing Hanbok and tour around the four Joseon Dynasty palaces. Whether you want to see the latest technology, try out Korean street food and other local dishes, there’s something for every visitor in Seoul. 


Outside of Seoul, there are equally great places to visit like Jeonju, Busan, Yeosu, and Gyeongju among others. Each area of South Korea has its own unique dishes that utilize ingredients from the local area. The intercity buses and trains throughout Korea make it easy to get around. While communicating isn’t as easy as it is in Seoul, it’s worth visiting these less travelled areas to truly experience Korean culture. 

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Best Kimchi

The best part about visiting any country is experiencing different kinds of food. South Korea is an exception, and there’s a wide variety to choose from. Did you know that there are over 100 different kinds of kimchi alone? Places like Myeongdong in Seoul has been a popular place to get Korean street foods like Tteokbokki, Sundae, and kimbap.

Each city or province in South Korea tends to have its own set of local specialties like Jeonju’s style of bibimbap, and Chuncheon’s dakgalbi. If you prefer drinks, many places also have their own soju and makgeolli.

Have you ever wanted to try and cook Korean food at home? You’ll find recipes and videos on some of the more popular Korean dishes to try at home. We’ll be travelling to different parts of South Korea to share what food this country has to offer, one blog and video at a time. Come join us in this foodie adventure in South Korea.

Bingsu South Korea


Namsan Tower Seoul

What’s it like to live in South Korea as an expat? With over two million foreigners residing here, it’s become a destination for students and workers alike. K-dramas and K-pop have made South Korea a destination for millions of visitors. While teaching English tends to be the easiest way to live and work in South Korea, it’s not an option for many expats. 


See what it’s like to be a university program in South Korea and what options there are for foreigners that don’t speak the language. How else can you work in Korea if you don’t qualify to be an English teacher? We’ll also go over how life is teaching in South Korea: the good, the bad, and what to expect if you’re ready to make the move. 


We’ll also explore the culture and people of South Korea. Stay up to date on the latest Korean holidays and customs to learn more about South Korea.