South Korea Travels is passionate about sharing South Korea through stories, visuals, and experiences that inspire others to learn more about Korean culture. The site was started during the pandemic in December of 2020 as a way of connecting with other travellers. 


The founder noticed that there were many travellers wanting information and news about Korea after their travel plans were cancelled by the pandemic. He started brainstorming ideas to share the experience of South Korea with these travellers. 


He also noticed that many expats in Korea started travelling more domestically due to the pandemic as well. The hope is that the website can be used for travel ideas and tips for expats to explore places in and outside of Seoul.


South Korea Travels is led by a Korean-American expat who was born in South Korea. He returned to the country in February of 2019 to teach English and meet his mom’s side of the family. Many of his Korean side of the family hasn’t seen him since he was a baby and coming to Korea provided a unique opportunity to learn more about his culture. 


He teaches in one of the rural elementary schools as part of a government education program during the week. On the weekends, he tries to explore different parts of Korea as much as the pandemic has safely allowed. 

If you have questions about the website, want to learn more about South Korea, or want to submit an article or idea, you can reach out to info@southkoreatravels.com

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Note: South Korea Travels recommends following local Korean guidelines such as mask-wearing, and note that some locations may be closed as levels change.

Safety is the top priority of the website.

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