Best Places to Visit in Korea During the Summer: Daecheon Beach

Summer at Daecheon Beach

The largest beach on Korea’s west coast and famous for its annual Mud Festival,

Daecheon Beach is a great place for families, couples, and friends to relax and getaway for the weekend.

Just a 2-2.5 hour ride by bus or train from Seoul, the city of Boryeong is a quiet city in Chungnam Province and is home to about 100,000 residents in the main city and surrounding villages. 


The bus and train station is around a block from each other, and a bus that goes directly to the beach comes every 15 to 30 minutes typically. Many of the visitors that stay for the weekend will stopover at the Emart to pick up some groceries and other things that they need. Then they’ll take either a taxi or bus to the beach.

In addition to the different hotels along the beach, some groups will rent a pension. Pensions can hold larger groups of people and many also have grills set up for you to cook dinner. But if you want to relax, there are a wide selection of restaurants ranging from chi-mek, Chinese food, pizza, BBQ, and of course seafood.

The restaurants along the beachfront tend to be more pricey for some menu items, but you’ll often find a priced menu outside to give you an idea. It’s a good idea to have some understanding of Korean (reading at a minimum) during the summer as they tend to get pretty busy. 

For things to do, the summer offers a range of water activities. On the weekends there is typically a speed boat that takes on passengers and zips around on the water. Make sure to bring a towel; from personal experiences, you will get wet. If you’re driving here, bringing along a beach tent can give you a place in the shade to relax after getting in the water and store your belongings. 

The water is typically cool to cold. Due to the mud/silt that the beach is known for, the water can get murky. There aren’t enough waves for someone to go surfing, but if you rent an inner tube or another flotation device, you can ride around on the waves. 

Things to do at Daecheon Beach

Boryeong Sky Bike

While many Korean destinations have a railbike, the one at Daecheon Beach takes you literally over the ocean. You can watch as visitors zipline over you and you can get a great view of the ocean and surrounding islands. If the sun’s too bright, they’ll also provide an umbrella to use. 

Mud Museum

The mud at Daecheon Beach is said to have healing properties due to its chemical composition and a local cosmetics company utilizes the mud as the main ingredient for their beauty products. You can learn about the history of Boryeong Mud and the Mud Festival and even pick up some mud packs and other cosmetics inside the museum’s first floor. 

Zipline tower

If you’ve ever wanted to zipline over the ocean, the Zipline tower can be a thrilling experience. At the top of the zip line tower is a cafe where you can see the entire beach from a great vantage point and relax after a day of adventure. 


Best Places to Visit in Korea During the Summer: Daecheon Beach
                      Best Places to Visit in Korea During the Summer: Daecheon Beach


These are just a few of the things that you can do at Daecheon Beach. If you’re in Korea and looking to do something this summer, take a trip down to Boryeong and visit the beach. Curious about other places that you can visit in Boryeong or other parts of Korea? Ask us in the comments below and tag us on Instagram if you visit Daecheon Beach. 

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