Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun


Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun

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Hidden away in Chungnam Province is Buyeo County. During the three kingdom period of Korea’s history, Buyeo-gun was the capital of the Baekje Kingdom. You can explore many of the relics in Buyeo’s National Museum, and visit various sites from the Baekje Kingdom. This hidden gem is between 2-3 hours by bus from Seoul and you can spend a day or weekend to see what Buyeo has to offer. 


Korea is known for its various unique and cozy cafes, and this week we’re taking a look at G340 in Buyeo. It’s a cafe and guest house owned by a young couple. G340 is located within walking distance of the Jeongnimsaji Temple site and bus terminal. 


Inside, G340 has a spacious interior with a very photogenic interior. At the center is a long table with a chandelier hanging overhead that makes for some great shots.

Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun
Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun



For drinks, you choose from a menu of coffee or tea, and they have various desserts that you can choose from. For two drinks and a dessert, we spent under 13,000 won. If we can find a copy of their menu we’ll update this blog with the new information. Overall the prices were quite affordable, desserts fresh, and drinks tasted great without having to wait too long. 


In addition to the inside, on nicer days you might want to head outdoors to relax. We were greeted by the cafe’s friendly cat who was relaxing in the shade. From checking their website, they’ve recently hosted a pop-up restaurant at the cafe geared towards couples, so we hope they bring this back in the future so that we can try out the food. 

Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun

Cafe G340 also runs a guest house as part of the cafe. We’ll link information here so that you can check out the guesthouse and contact them if you’re interested in staying during your trip to Buyeo. Its location in the central part of town makes it easy to grab a bite to eat or check out some of the sites.  

Address: 340 Gyebaek-ro, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Cafe Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/buyeo_g340/

Guesthouse: https://www.instagram.com/340stay_buyeo/

Other Things to do in Buyeo

Baekje Cultural Land

This theme park-style place allows you to see what a Baekje palace would look like as you wander through the area. The buildings have been carefully constructed to provide full-scale reconstructions. You can rent a hanbok and take plenty of photos, and the Baekje Cultural Land has even been used in historical k-dramas such as The Last Empress, Moon Lovers, Six Flying Dragons, and the Great Seer among others. 

Lotte Outlet Mall 

If you’re looking to get some shopping in or want a bite to eat, the Lotte Outlet Mall is located right next to the Baekje Cultural Land. We were even able to find some shoes and pants for me as well (size 300 shoes and 36 pants). 

Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun

Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun

Exploring South Korea: Cafe G340 in Buyeo-gun


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