Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH

Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH

Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH
Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH


Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH

The fifth largest metropolis in Korea, Daejeon is situated about an hour outside of Seoul.

From Daejeon, you can get to almost every part of Korea. If you find yourself visiting Daejeon, there’s a small cafe with drinks that look too good to drink.

Every year, I have to make my way to Daejeon to renew my visa. Distance-wise it’s not far from my city of Boryeong, but with mountains in the way, it takes me two to three hours to get there. My experience with the immigration office varies from time to time, and recent changes to the paperwork requirements made it a more time-consuming process. 


Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH

Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH


So when my friend recommended visiting a cafe, I wasn’t really sure. In Korea, there’s a lot of small cafes with unique vibes and decor. It’s not uncommon for Koreans to travel several hours just to visit a cafe recommended by others for the Instagramable atmosphere. 


When it comes to Cafe luneH (륀에이치), it’s no different. It’s hidden away in Seo-gu district in southwest Daejeon. Many of the cafe drinks have a floral design and the vibe of the cafe is quite relaxing. It has the feel of hanging out in a friend’s living room with the various couches and it’s a popular spot if you want to go on a cafe date or visit with your friends.

Expect to come early, or during the week, as the cafe can get busy quite quickly. When I was here on a weekday around lunchtime, we were the only ones there. But after half an hour, the cafe was bustling again and space was limited.

It will sound cliche, but the drink did look too good to drink. Even the placement of the different dried flowers and the wooden tray was so intricate that we spent maybe fifteen minutes trying to get different shots. It tasted as good as it looked (I got the strawberry drink) and if I visit here in the future, I would definitely like to try out some of their desserts. They offer various types of cakes and fresh fruit to go along with your drinks. 

Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH
Cafes in Daejeon: Cafe luneH

They’re open Monday to Sunday from 12:00-9:00 pm. If the cafe is full, you can always get takeout and then walk around the neighborhood when the weather is nice. 

If you’re in Daejeon or end up visiting it in the future, here’s their address and Instagram page: 

Instagram: cafe_luneh


1131-3 Galma-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon 

대전 서구 갈마동 1131-3 

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