Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium

Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium 

Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium

Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium – at the Starfield Coex Mall, you’ll find hundreds of shops to choose from. It’s one of Asia’s largest underground malls and in the past, the convention hall has hosted Seoul’s Comic-Con. But one of my favorite places to visit there is the Coex Aquarium.


Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium

The Coex Aquarium houses the largest collection of sharks out of any aquarium in Korea. The shark tank is pretty massive and you can see it from multiple parts of the aquarium.

It was really cool to see the animals up close and see how they interact with one another. 


What I like about the Coex Aquarium is the wide range of audience that it appeals to. During my two visits, I’ve seen couples visit with tripods to get some couples shots for Instagram.

There’s a wide range of photo zones located throughout the aquarium. The way they’ve designed many of the tanks makes them a good backdrop for your photos.


Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium

For families, the aquarium has several exhibits that are geared more towards kids and are considered kid-friendly.

Popular characters from the show Octonauts are located throughout the children zones and there are different learning experiences for children as well to get up close to some of the animals.

Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium
  Things to Do in Seoul: Coex Aquarium

For solo travelers or groups of friends, you can take a leisurely pace throughout the aquarium. On average I’ve spent anywhere between one to two hours, but you could easily make an afternoon out of it. 

Some of the other places that you should visit while here includes the Byeolmadang Library. It’s a relaxing place to study and best of all it’s free to use. This multilevel library’s books are real and in the past, I’ve seen a mix of people taking photos, studying, or just hanging out. There’s a coffee shop within the library as well to help you relax after a long day.


Megabox is one of the largest movie theatre chains in Korea, and you can catch the latest Korean or International movie. When you’re hungry or want something to drink there is a variety of tastes to choose from. 

The Coex Aquarium is open every day from 10am to 8pm and you can buy your tickets online or at the aquarium. If you purchase tickets online, you can get between a 20-25% discount.

Adults: 30,000 won 

Children: 25,000 won

Each month the aquarium also has sale events where you can get discounts such as cheaper couples tickets and other ways to save more during your visit.

Getting here by subway is fairly easy and there are three different subway stops nearby. Line 7 is about one block away, but Line 2 and Line 9 will drop you off right at the Coex Mall. (We recommend Line 9 to get closest to the aquarium).



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