Holidays in Korea

I’ve just gotten back to school after having a day off for Hangeul Day. Hangeul Day commemorates the creation of the Korean alphabet by King Sejong the Great. Before its creation in 1446, Koreans that could write utilized Chinese characters. This created a literacy gap between the social classes as only the rich and those in power were able to read and write.

King Sejong wanted to help his people become literate by creating 28 phonetic characters so that peasants and nobles alike come read and write in Korean. Hangeul is easy enough to learn where you could read most Korean words within a week or two of studying.

Places like the National Hangeul Museum in Seoul hosts an annual celebration, and you can visit the location to learn more about the language and king behind the creation of this iconic alphabet.

Holidays in Korea give me an opportunity to visit other parts of Korea or just recharge at home. Buses and trains are fairly convenient to get around the country. This is going to be a shorter post, but shortly I’ll have a longer one available and hope to keep on a regular schedule.

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